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Code of Ethics & Values and Bylaws

Goals of the Code of Ethics & Values: To make our District a better District, built on mutual respect and trust. To promote and maintain the highest standards of personal and professional conduct among all involved in District government, District staff, volunteers and members of the District's Board. This policy applies to all elected officials, officers, employees, members of advisory committees, explorers and volunteers of the District, herein called officials for the purposes of this policy.

The proper operation of democratic government requires that decision-makers be independent, impartial and accountable to the people they serve. The District has adopted this Code of Ethics & Values to promote and maintain the highest standards of personal and professional conduct in the District's government.

All elected and appointed officials, District employees, volunteers and others who participate in the District's government are required to subscribe to this Code, understand how it applies to their specific responsibilities and practice its eight core values in their work. Because we seek public confidence in the District's services and public trust of its decision-makers, our decisions and our work must meet the most demanding ethical standards and demonstrate the highest levels of achievement in following this Code.

The Board of Directors of the Union Public Utility District is committed to providing excellence in legislative leadership that results in the provisions of the highest quality of service to the users of the District system.

In order to assist in the government of the behavior between and among the members of the Board of Directors, the following rules shall be observed.

1.      The primary responsibility of the Board of Directors is the formulation and evaluation of policy.

2.      The dignity, style, values, and opinions of each Director shall be respected.

3.      Responsiveness and attentive listening in communication is encouraged.

4.      Differing viewpoints are healthy in the decision-making process.

5.      Individuals have the right to disagree with ideas and opinions of others, but without being disrespectful.

6.      Once, the Board of Directors takes action, Directors shall commit to supporting said action and not create barriers to the implementation of said action.

The following procedures shall be practiced by Directors:

1.      In seeking clarification for policy related concerns, especially involving personnel, legal actions, finances, land acquisition and development, said concerns shall be referred directly to the General Manager.

2.      In seeking clarification on certain items, Directors may directly approach staff members to obtain information needed to supplement, upgrade or enhance their knowledge to improve their decision-making.

3.      In handling items related to safety concerns or hazards, concerns shall be reported to the General Manager. Emergency situations shall be dealt with immediately by seeking appropriate assistance.

4.      Directors shall develop a working relationship with each other and the General Manager wherein current issues, concerns, and District projects can be discussed comfortably and openly.

5.      Directors shall function as a part of the whole. Issues shall be brought to the attention of the Board as a whole, rather than to individuals selectively.

6.      Directors are responsible for monitoring the District's progress in attaining its goals and objectives, while pursuing its mission.

Union Public Utility District Mission Statement:

Union Public Utility District is dedicated to protecting, enhancing, and developing our water resources to the highest beneficial use for our customers, while maintaining cost-conscious, reliable service, and providing gainful employment through responsible management.