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Customer Service

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Dear Customer:

Welcome to the Union Public Utility District. Attached you will find a UPUD Water Rate Schedule which will provide you with the information you need regarding our billing procedures. Below is some general information regarding the services that UPUD provides and your responsibilities as a customer. Please take a moment to review it and feel free to call us with any questions that you might have.

Things You Should Know About Your Water Service
UPUD’s responsibility ends at the meter. Anything beyond the meter on the customer’s property is the owner’s responsibility to install and maintain. UPUD is not responsible for any water loss or property damage caused by water leaks and/or high pressure. UPUD requires its customers to install the following devices on your property:

  1. Check Valve
  2. Pressure Regulating Valve
  3. Backflow Device (where applicable)

These valves may be purchased at any hardware store and installed by you or you may hire a plumber to install them. Remember to check these valves regularly to ensure they are working properly. If you would like a copy of the District’s Water System Ordinance, which outlines these requirements, please contact our office.