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Annual Water Quality Report

CA018768-1_ADA_FINAL-s_1299405 (1).pdfCA018768-1_ADA_FINAL-s_1299405.pdfPAC Test Report 2021 - ADAAnnual Water Quality Report 2021

Financial Corp Agenda & Minutes

2023-02-15 UPUD FIN CORP AGENDA.pdf2022-02-16 UPUD FIN CORP AGENDA2017-02-15 UPUD FIN CORP Minutes2019-02-20 UPUD FIN CORP Agenda2019-02-20 UPUD FIN CORP Minutes2020-05-20 UPUD FIN CORP Agenda2021-03-24 UPUD FIN CORP Agenda

Annual CCR Water Quality Reports

UPUD 2010 CCR RptUPUD 2011 CCR RptUPUD 2012 CCR RptUPUD 2013 CCR RptUPUD 2014 CCR RptUPUD 2015 CCR RptUPUD 2016 CCR RptUPUD 2017 CCR RptUPUD 2018 CCR RptUPUD 2019 CCR RptUPUD 2020 CCR Rpt

Water Conservation Forms

UPUD 2014 CONSERVATION TIPSUPUD Conservation Notice 1-2014UPUD Conservation Notice 5-2015UPUD Conservation Notice 5-2016UPUD Ordinanace 2015-01 Amendment to Water Conservationt PlanUPUD WATER CONSERVATION PLAN-Ord 2014-01


UPUD FY 2016-2017 AuditUPUD FY 2017-2018 AuditUPUD FY 2018-2019 Audit

Water Rates

UPUD Equipment & Misc RatesUPUD Rate Schedule - Effec 01-01-2023.pdfUnion Public Utility District Rate Study 2022 12.8.22 Final Report.pdfUPUD Rate Schedule for Water Svs 11-1-2014 - Rev $18 UWPA Rate 7-01-2020UPUD Rate Schedule for Water Svs 11-1-2014 - Rev $7 UWPA Rate 7-01-2019UPUD Rate Schedule for Water Service 11-01-2014 - Rev $6 UWPA Rate 7-01-2017UPUD Rate Schedule for Water Svs 11-1-2014 - Rev $12 UWPA Rate 12-01-2016UPUD - UWPA Rate Cost of Service Study 08-18-2016UPUD - 5 Yr Rate Schedule for UWPA Rate - Res 2016-04
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